Our principal competencies are built on the design and development of Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID innovative solutions for industrial applications. Research and development at IMaR focuses on the strategic integration of both hardware and software (Mechatronics, RFID, Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensor Technologies) to enhance intelligent systems development to support manufacturing and increase cost competiveness. The IMaR Technology Gateway provides a world class R&D centre serving a diverse cross section of industries including automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, production/manufacturing, aeronautical, environmental and agri-business. IMaR specialises in the implementation of automatic identification technologies such as RFID, equipped to deliver supply chain/logistical efficiencies via enhanced visibility, reduce variation, optimise transportation and storage and reduce product adulteration via the establishment of a chain of custody, thus embedding quality assurance and reliability across the value chain. IMaR also exploits the use of Intelligent Mechatronics via precision instrumentation and automation conditioning to enhance process automation, reduce lead times and increase validation.


Improving Resource Efficiency of Agribusiness supply chains by Minimising waste using Big Data and Internet of Things sensors

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PROPAT – Integrated Process Control.

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Improve the sustainability of the distribution of fresh produce to create a more competitive sector that can offer better products to the final consumer.

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Assistive Technologies for people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

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