The IMaR (Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID) Research Centre at MTU Kerry is an applied research centre delivering expertise in the areas of hardware (mechatronics, robotics, control systems), software (data management and intelligent systems), IoT (RFID, sensors) and data analytics for increased productivity in the manufacturing, agriculture and process sectors to our regional industry partners.

Research Strands

IMaR consists of two research strands Intelligent Mechatronics and Radio Frequency Identification & Internet of Things. Both are focused on the delivery of innovative solutions to industry and enterprise, whether it be improved operational efficiencies or new product development.


IMaR Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID

Our aim at IMaR is to engage with industry across Ireland to increase competitiveness in the area of Intelligent Mechatronics, Internet of Things and RFID. We encourage you to talk with us so we can provide the best possible solution to meet your innovation requirements.

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What our clients say

“Collaborating with IMaR has been a really instructive experience. They are as flexible as reliable, adapting always to the circumstances and supplying a high-quality service.” Julio Carrera, BorgWarner Limited
“The IMaR team were excellent to work with and completed our project successfully to our requirements” Liam McAuliffe – First Reaction Sports
“The introduction of the SiteVu platform has been a major success to date as it has provided the site with the ability to now monitor and track its water footprint. As a result of this visibility, a number of improvement projects have been identified and implemented so as to further reduce the sites overall consumption. The KPI application is used to alert the relevant owners of abnormal usage within their relevant areas, this ensures that we maintain and sustain the improvements which have been implemented to date” Patrick O’ Connor, Facilities – Vision Care Ireland
“The team at IMaR are always very proactive and willing to engage with industry partners at all levels. Their professional approach and willingness to take on projects regardless of the challenge is exceptional. At SPXLFOW we see our partnership with IMaR as an extension of our team – with a common goal in mind which is to meet customer expectations and demands. SPXFLOW look forward to continuing our collaboration with our academic partners at the IMaR Technology Gateway.” Eamonn Morrissey – SPX Dollinger (Celeros)
“When Astellas contacted IMaR with the issue of tracking the Hazardous waste onsite we found their approach to the issue very analytical and we are very satisfied with the high professional standard and valuable support provided during the project. We feel that the reliability, dedication, and partnership that IMaR personnel have shown during this project is a credit to the institute.” Eamonn Foley – Astellas Ireland
“I’m so glad I had access to IMaR’s skills as you found the answers I needed. Thank you so much for a great report, the attention to detail is really great.” Kevin Doyle, Squadron Six Aerospace Ltd