Applied Internet of Things Technology Gateway Cluster

The Applied IoT Technology Gateway cluster provides expertise and resources across the entire Internet of Things Technology Stack. From sensors to process implementation, the Applied IoT cluster provides world-class RD&I services to companies nationwide. Combining the knowledge base and skillset of five Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, the cluster is equipped to assist companies with projects requiring expert technical advice and application development across the broad spectrum that is the Internet of Things. The Applied IoT cluster’s broad experience in delivery of near-to-market solutions has provided an array of benefits to many companies during their journey from product to market and in some cases have become an integral part in the ongoing research and development activities undertaken within those organisations.  

Technology Gateway Manager

Tom Fitzmaurice

As Technology Gateway Manager with IMaR, Tom Fitzmaurice engages and works closely with Irish SMEs and start-ups to develop collaborative projects with members of the broader Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway Network. Through the IMaaR Technology Gateway, Tom has access to research and engineering teams who are available to assist companies in their development of new and innovative products, processes and services. Tom also provides information on and assistance with the various R&D funding mechanisms available for such collaborations. Tom has been with the Technology Gateway Network since 2016 having spent over 5 years as Business Development Manager with the Applied IoT Cluster before joining IMaR. Prior to joining the Technology Gateway Network, Tom spent the previous twenty-five years in the development and delivery of large-scale, high accuracy, metrology-based engineering solutions and training programmes to industry leaders worldwide including, Airbus, GKN Aerospace, BAe Systems, Babcock Marine, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, The Boeing Company, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Vestas, McLaren, General Motors and Chrysler.

The cluster consists of: