Mobile Robots

Mobile Robots

IMaR provides mobile robots and automatic conveyor test-bed to assist industry to evaluate the opportunities to free staff from low-value transport tasks in manufacturing and logistics facilities. With a suite of mobile robots and flexible conveying systems, IMaR can rapidly demonstrate the potential benefits to your organization and how these systems can be integrated into smarter, more efficient operations. Contact IMaR to discuss how to avail of this equipment, state-funding supports, and IMaR’s research engineering expertise to improve your operations.

The benefits of Mobile Robots include 

    • Mobile robots are a safe, cost-effective way to automate a facility’s transportation and logistics tasks. Optimized workflows help free staff, increase productivity, and more reliable operations. Mobile robots and conveying systems can be used in nearly any process where staff are spending time pushing carts or making deliveries and may be further ‘smartened’ through the use of technologies such as real-time location (Track and trace) systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).
    • The robots available for industry use from IMaR can autonomously transport up to 100 kg and may be customized with work-holding bins, racks, lifts, conveyors, collaborative robot arms, and a myriad of sensors. In addition to simply moving products from one location to another, enterprises can contemplate concepts such as doing value-adding tasks during transportation and flexible configurable production lines.
    • With the Robot’s ability to identify and calculate the most efficient route to its destination, it can safely maneuver around the facility with the help of its high-performance sensor systems.
    • No changes to the facility such as laying cables or installing sensors are required to deploy such mobile robots.
    • Mobile robots are more of plug-and-play because their intuitive interface makes programming and updating tasks easy.

The cases studies below were kindly provided by MIR,

These case illustrate the basic capability of mobile robots.

IMaR works with companies to further enhance the potential of mobile robotics in creating truly smart facilities.

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