Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell
PHD Researcher


  • 2016: Awarded Bachelor of Engineering (Ordinary) in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (Distinction) by IT Tralee.
  • 2017: Awarded Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering (First Class Honours) by IT Tralee.

Research Areas of Expertise / Interest:

The Development of Intelligent Multi-functional Autonomous Systems for the Agricultural Farms of the Future  

Partner Company:


Project Overview:

The development of an intelligent multi-functional autonomous farm vehicle that is capable of performing a variety of farming tasks independently. The vehicle will be designed specifically for harsh unstructured farming environments and will require a variety of sensors and systems to enable fully Autonomous navigation. A number of Sensor fusion techniques will be used in order to develop an accurate and reliable real-time perception system for the vehicle to be fully aware of its surrounding environment. Machine learning techniques will also be developed to enable safe and efficient navigation throughout an unpredictable dynamic agricultural environment.