Niall O' Mahony

Niall O’ Mahony
PHD Researcher


  • 2014: Awarded Bachelor of Engineering (Ordinary) in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering (Distinction) by ITTralee.
  • 2015: Awarded Bachelor of Science in Electronic Systems (First Class Honours) by LIT.
  • 2017: Awarded Masters of Engineering by Research in The Development of Smart Sensor Suite and Data Fusion Approaches for Process Analytical Technology.

Research Areas of Expertise / Interest:

Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Agritech.

Project Title:

The Development of Intelligent Multi-functional Farm Assistive Modules for use on an Autonomous Platform.

Partner Company:


Project Overview:

The development of the elements of an autonomous farm assistive platform relating to Computer Vision. A number of vision systems will be deployed which will implement IP Cameras, Stereovision Cameras and Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras for tasks including cow monitoring and robot navigation. Deep Learning methodologies will be used to process vision system data in classification, object detection and segmentation tasks on 2D and 3D Data.