Marksmanship Technology Limited

Marksmanship Technology Limited


Company Name:

Marksmanship Technology Limited

Funding Source:

Enterprise Ireland Co-funded Innovation Voucher

Project Title:

Development of a bespoke hardware unit to track user eye/marker and estimate line of sight

Profile Of Company:

Marksmanship Technology Ltd. is currently developing wearable devices for detection and analysis of movement during sporting activities, having designed the World’s First Wearable Marksmanship Coach, which provides real-time feedback during training sessions. Marksmanship Technology are currently in the process of developing a novel wearable product and are currently enrolled in the NDRC’s catalyser programme since November 2016.

Problem To Be Solved:

Marksmanship Technology intends to develop a concept to locate where the user is trying to point a device, or track a moving object, such as a ball in motion, by using a rear facing camera to measure the position of the users eye in relation to the tracked object. The measured position is then used to estimate the rotation, angle and direction, which can be applied to stabilize any device to the estimated line of sight. An initial system was developed using a basic smartphone demonstrator, but Marksmanship Technology required the development of a piece of bespoke hardware, incorporating a high precision camera and bespoke image-processing software to demonstrate this concept in a more close-to-market demonstrator.

How IMaR Delivered a Solution For Industry:

In collaboration with IMaR, Marksmanship Technology Limited accessed a co-funded Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher. IMaR initially delivered a detailed project plan and identified suitable camera and actuator systems with which a prototype could be developed to realise the concept. This first project led to the development a functioning prototype system to prove the eye tracking concept. In a follow-on project IMaR delivered a bespoke electromechanical system housed in a compact 3D printed enclosure. The prototype developed was aimed to demo this system to investors to bring this concept to the next stage. During the course of the project, IMaR continuously engaged with Marksmanship Technology gaining valuable feedback to produce the prototype as required and within a tight schedule.

Impact For Company:

The successful delivery of this project has enabled Marksmanship Technology to develop a prototype stage demonstrator to showcase the functionality of their system to a potential investors.  
“I selected IMaR for this project after discussing the spec with a number of different research institutions. IMaR presented me with a range of technical solutions to the proposed problem and had solutions that were cutting edge which were not presented by any of the others. During the project, the dialogue between our company and IMaR was excellent and they were very accommodating to allow me to input by email and visit with input throughout the period. The researchers provided were of top quality and easy to work with. I would not hesitate recommending IMaR to anyone who is researching an electro-mechanical solution” John Daly, CEO, Marksmanship Technology Limited.