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Innovation Partnership & FP7

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Dairymaster, based in Kerry, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of milking equipment, with customers in 37 countries. The company develops unique, technologically advanced solutions, aimed at making dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable or sustainable. It has pioneered advances in such areas as milking parlour equipment, automatic scrapers, automatic cow feeding systems and farm management software.

How IMaR Delivered Solution For Industry

1. Through a project supported with Innovation Partnership funding, the IMaR Technology Gateway based at the Institute of Technology, Tralee, assisted Dairymaster in developing an auto-washer for the cleaning and sanitisation of on-farm milking machines. 2. In a second Innovation Partnership supported project, IMaR has worked with Dairymaster to develop a device for detecting progesterone concentration in milk so as to determine if a cow is in heat and ready for breeding. 3. Dairymaster and IMaR are also worked together on a R&D partnership, funded through Europe’s Seventh Framework Programme, as part of a pan-European research consortium, developing an intelligent, next-generation robotic milking system which avoids the limitations imposed by current robotic systems. . The objective is for this system to incorporate automated teat cleaning, cluster attachment and post-milking disinfection on a scalable rotary milking installation. These technologies integrate into Dairymaster’s existing product portfolio in line with the company’s commercialisation schedule.  
“We were very pleased with the expertise, service and results that the centre provided. Working with external personnel can bring an additional capability, viewpoint or skill to a project which might not happen if all projects were done in-house. We hope to continue with this successful collaboration in the future.” – Dairymaster’s CEO & Technical Director