Masters of Engineering Scholarship Available

IMaR is currently offering a Masters Scholarship to a suitable candidate who will investigate an industrial Internet of Things project around sensor deployment, data analytics and AI on industrial machinery. The project is funded by SFI Confirm: Smart Manufacturing Research Centre in collaboration with a major multinational industrial partner.

This project will focus of the development of sensing and data analytics to enable Predictive Maintenance (PdM) in legacy industrial machines, focusing on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques which can allow for the rapid re-training of analytic algorithms to account for machine variability.

Applicants are required to have a minimum qualification of an Honours Degree (2.1 or better) in Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Physics, or equivalent. Familiarity with Python, R or a similar language is desirable.

This 2 year Masters scholarship will cover all postgraduate student fees and provide a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. A budget for equipment, material and travel will also be provided.

Further information available here

Any questions should be sent to Dr. Daniel Riordan:

To apply send a detailed CV by email to