Mobile data processing rig

Mobile data processing rig

Many enterprises are slow to engage in collaborative research projects in the area of data science due to the dangers of exposing sensitive data to externally hosted entities such as cloud processing platforms. To address these concerns, IMaR has acquired a Deep-Learning Server with a portable flight-case.

The system is comprised of:

  • a CPU/motherboard unit,
  • RAM and Hard-drive memory,
  • associated network interfaces and power supplies, and most critically,
  • multiple high-power Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).

With advances in the integration scales of these technologies such high-power processing systems have been scaled down to single space (4U – size) rackmount units, enabling the opportunity to mount the system in a rackmount flight-case to create a portable data processing datacentre. The system can be fully wiped of data, brought to a specific industrial location, loaded with sensitive industrial data via a physical data transfer platform and processing can take place on-site. All data can then be removed from the server to the satisfaction of the data control officer before exiting the facility. Such a system will reduce the perceived risk of data breaches and thus expedite engagement with industrial clients in the area of data analytics and AI  


Supporting Sensitive Big-Data Research