Week Links #003

  • Latest IMaR Gateway newsletter

    Issue three of the IMaR Gateway newsletter for November 2015 to January 2016 is now available for download
  • Radio Kerry visits Dairymaster

    Radio Kerry’s Frank Lewis took a walk around the Dairymaster factory in Causeway as part of his Saturday Supplement show recently. A podcast is up on the Radio Kerry site and well worth a listen for an great insight into the to the global operation.
  • Quipt – Gesture-based control software for industrial robots

    Quipt is a gesture-based control software that facilitates new, more intuitive ways to communicate with industrial robots. Using wearable markers and a motion capture system, Quipt gives industrial robots basic spatial behaviors for interacting closely with people. Wearable markers on the hand, around the neck, or elsewhere on the body let a robot see and respond to you in a shared space. This lets you and the robot safely follow, mirror, and avoid one another as you collaborate together.
  • PlatformIO

    PlatformIO IDE is the next generation integrated development environment for IoT, an open source Python based cross-platform IDE, code builder and library manager.
  • eir launches IoT connectivity platform

    eir IoT Connect provides small and large businesses with cellular mobile connectivity (including global roaming), an online self-care portal to manage their IoT assets and a choice of private or Internet based network solutions. Coupled with the reach of the eir mobile network, as well as its analytic tools, eir’s IoT Connect enables businesses to efficiently gain the intelligence needed to drive innovation and improve business decisions.
  • Invengo release IoT Phone

    Invengo’s XC-1003 is a compact, versatile, state of the art integrated RAIN (UHF) RFID cell phone reader. Its low profile integrated design and multiple connectivity options make it suitable for retail, healthcare and event management applications.
  • IMaR – The band !

    With a drummer, a bass player and a couple of guitarists on the team we have joked about forming an IMaR band but we might have to come up with a different name as Daniel our centre manager came across this Glasgow band !

Week Links #002

It’s been a while but here are some things which have piqued the interest of the IMaR team:

  • blazer.buzz – IoT in the hive

    With fears over declining bee populations worldwide, an Irish start-up Blazer Team believes IoT could provide a solution. Blazer are installing its sensors in a bee hives in order to remotely monitor the health of each bee and compile that data to give an in-depth analysis of the colony’s overall health.
  • How to choose the best connectivity network for your IoT project

    How sensors communicate with the internet is a key aspect when conceiving of a connected project, OpenSensors.io have a handy matrix and of common communication technologies and their pro’s and cons.
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Udacity

    In an attempt to help make deep learning even more accessible Google in collaboration with Udacity have launched a new Deep Learning Course.
  • HaLow World

    The Wi-Fi Alliance have announced a new extension to the Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced “halo”) is designed for low-power devices. It’ll travel farther and even do a better job of traveling through walls. Basically, it’s an all around better option for smart home and IoT devices, at least if these claims hold up.

And here are a couple of events happening over the next week in Kerry which we are looking forward to:

  • Cantillon 2016 – Fintech: Disrupting the Financial Landscape”

    The 2016 Cantillon conference takes place in IT Tralee on Thursday next, this year the conference is focusing on BitCoin, Cryptocurrency and the financial services sector.
  • The Irish CĂłdaithe Competition

    The Irish CĂłdaithe Competition is a coding/technology event in Killorglin Community College on Saturday week (27th February). The event is the brainchild of The Irish CĂłdaithe Competition is a competition set up by three 2nd year students from Killorglin Community College including Timothy McGrath with whom IMaR helped to develop an NFC powered mobile app to aid those with visual impairments.