Astellas Ireland

Astellas Ireland

Industrial Pharma RFID

Company Name:

Astellas Ireland

Funding Source:

Innovation Partnership Feasibility Study & Innovation Partnership

Project Title:

Hazardous Waste Track and Trace using the Internet of Things Technologies

Profile Of Company:

Astellas Ireland is a Multinational Corporation based in Killorgin Co. Kerry since 1990 and currently employs 309 people. This plant manufactures and supplies globally a range of treatments, including the immunosuppressant PrografĀ® and ProtopicĀ® (tacrolimus ointment). There is also a plant in Dublin employing over 70 people. The main activity of this facility is the manufacture of three bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients which are supplied to the global market, namely, famotidine*, solifenacin and tamsulosin.

Problem To Be Solved:

The IMaR Gateway and Astellas collaborated on an Innovation Partnership Feasibility study to use Internet of Things technologies, such as RFID scanning and web-services integration, to address the problem of track and trace of Pharmaceutical waste from source to industrial disposal overseas. Advanced hazardous waste track and trace management systems are becoming increasingly important across many industrial sectors, using a complex combination of identification labels to track waste containers at point of origin, enabling accurate departmental and cost centre analysis and a traceable product. Few systems however are fully automated and therefore are prone to error. Continual traceability of the waste produced is one of the optimal goals of an automated waste tracking system. In this project, the IMaR Gateway developed an onsite electronic RFID based Waste tracking system. A number of methods for Hazardous waste track and trace were investigated through a combination of a detailed literature review and the investigation of commercially available systems. The different systems and approaches were analysed for the best fit for the companyā€™s individual requirements and a system was proposed which meet the criteria set by the company. This investigation has demonstrated the potential for the integration of an advanced Internet-of-things based waste tracking system. It has de-risked a number of key concerns in relation to this system and has helped significantly in preparing a business case for full system development.

How IMaR Delivered a Solution For Industry:

IMaR and Astellas have commenced a full Innovation Partnership in April ā€˜16 to develop this concept further.  
ā€œWhen Astellas contacted IMaR with the issue of tracking the Hazardous waste onsite we found their approach to the issue very analytical and we are very satisfied with the high professional standard and valuable support provided during the project. We feel that the reliability, dedication, and partnership that IMaR personnel have shown during this project is a credit to the institute.ā€ – Eamonn Foley Astellas Ireland